Have we got time?

I’ve always got this in the back of my mind I suppose. Now we can say that ‘time’ to everyone is obviously perceived differently, however in this case I’m talking about your common day to day life and how you see it progressing in goals, achievements and contents.

As a family in the past we have always tended to or have had the urge to be out and about trying to sort of fill the time that we have. Don’t get me wrong as most of these things have been precious moments with our children teaching them to grow and learn and generally having an amazing time doing fun stuff. However for me (Wayne) specifically I tend to get really frustrated and bored extremely quickly whenever we have any limited spare time. I really struggle especially on a free weekend if we don’t get ready after our breakfast and get out of the house and do something.

Recently I’ve been thinking to myself whether it stems from a sense of lacking achievement or unsure goals, for which recently I’ve realised I had none! Not in my current way of life anyhow.

A good quote I read the other day goes, ‘The trouble is, you think you have time’.

We believe we have plenty of time to do everything, but its nearly always tomorrow. “I will go and learn such and such next week” or “I can’t wait until after this job” or “this holiday is coming up”. No one ever seems to live in the NOW. I firmly believe that this was my biggest set back.

Remembering back over 5 years ago I thought having my job and a good trade to progress in, and buying our first house and paying my mortgage were some sure positive achievements, which for us back then maybe were. I believe that this way of life is probably taught to us from a very young age creating an idea in our young subconscious minds that this is, and will come into fruition because that is what society says is right.

Regardless of your dreams as a bright, young, creative, powerful thinker this idea is well drilled into your being from every angle, be it your parents, school teachers, friends parents, media etc. We are pretty much taught how not to think in terms of personal or professional goals by the time we reach adult age, but how to think in terms of which job or degree/course will get me into a job so that we can get the money to get a smart house or good car and clothes every week. Therefore perpetual habit takes life. It is up to us to break these habits and stop challenging others and start challenging ourselves.

The realisation at this point that we’re not getting any younger and our kids are rapidly growing up, not just for us but for most people can turn into alarm bells that indicate a life of ticking over is just not what your here to do.

I’m learning each day to remind myself to do just one thing that I want to do instead of putting it off for later!

Amber and I have came up with a few small personal goals that we are working towards on a daily basis and it seriously helps our mental well being.

Being Present is the best gift to yourself – There you go, I thought I wrote a new quote but it already exists!!!

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2 thoughts on “Have we got time?”

  1. J > It’s so refreshing for a bloke to be blogging this kind of thing. And what you say is what I felt. Today D and I have had the privilege of being with a self-catering guest – and now friend – come to understand that a holiday doesn’t have to be filled with doing: it’s more than enough simply to be – in a different context, seeing the world and oneself differently, and throwing light on the normal home life and learnign to value home and self more. Oh dear, I’m rambling. Thanks for your post!

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