What about School ?

Our decision to Home educate

After the initial idea of ‘yeah lets sell everything and travel’, we came up with a list of problems and the main one being…

“What about school !”

So we began to look for other families doing a similar thing and how they had solved this education challenge. We found that the majority of these families were living very relaxed lives and homeschooling/unschooling played a big part. After some research we realised that there is a massive amount of families homeschooling not just in theĀ UK, but in fact all over the world.

These children are learning at their own pace, learning life skills through experiences. After all, these tiny humans teach themselves to walk and talk without a school or a class room. Others are taught more traditionally, with more scheduled activities/learning time. These activities are often self led and they spend so much more time outdoors.

We found that these home educated children aren’t brought up to be unsociable (quite the opposite) and they are more in touch with the world around them. They socialise well because each day they are in contact with different children and adults, not in a class room with the same 30 faces everyday.

I don’t want our children to grow up doing something that makes them unhappy. Be it studying a certain subject or pursuing a certain career only because they were told they were good at it, or told to leave their unrealistic dreams behind. I don’t want my babies being made into square pegs that fit nicely into modern society. I would rather they excel in something they love/have chosen for themselves. They can put time and energy into their passions where they can grow up believing that anything is possible.

Our kids’ happiness is the most important thing in the world and every parent keeps their child’s best interests at heart.

Telling our family and friends about our plans to leave and travel has been mainly positive, I mean who wouldn’t want to spend a few months getting to know themselves and experiencing other cultures, not to mention the wonderful weather. However we were slightly hesitant to reveal our homeschooling plans, but knowing that people support us in our decision to home school makes us feel really positive and excited to move forward.




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