Part Time Explorers

Easter Monday was a great excuse for a family bike ride along the Hart to Haswell bike trail. We don’t often venture along this particular track, but with beautiful views and surroundings and the opportunity to have the dog of the lead it will definitely be our new go to cycling spot. Its the perfect way to suspend reality for a few hours, although with little-legs (Florence) on her fixed gear BMX, we didn’t quite get over an hours riding in! She really did so well though compared to usual, because it wasn’t all flat ground and she managed to keep up the pace even towards the end!

image 4

My favorite thing about cycling is the general comradery between cyclists. Usually its a smooth and subtle head nod, but can be a simple good morning or a fleeting comment about the weather, you feel all the more connected to your ride. Some hardcore cyclist we bumped into was really cool, even though there was like a channel you could push your bike up the stairs he just carried it up like it weighed nothing, he must have done it hundreds of times, but it really was heavy because Wayne tested it out !

bike mush

Wayne and I are always surprising ourselves when we go out walking/cycling because of how spoilt we seem to be with awesome views of the north east coast line and the surrounding landmarks. It’s quite easy to forget or miss out on your towns natural beauty when you are living in the 9-5 (or in some cases 7-7) rat race.

Some of the best views can be right under your nose in the most unexpected places as seen when you first begin the trail at Hart Station from the pedestrian railway bridge, as shown in the main photo for this post.

picture 2

image 3

It’s sometimes really difficult to concentrate and live in the present moment, but i feel like when were on out and about we feel extremely grateful for what we have got and it reflects onto our kids as well. Our almost 2 year old Theodore usually keeps us on our toes, shouting, running, playing and never stops for one second but on the back of the bike he is so quiet just enjoying the views, people passing by and the fresh air which is really lovely to watch.

theodore crisp

We also had Marmaduke (our dog) with us, but we don’t have a single picture of him from the whole morning. He generally just herds the bikes, circling around keeping us together the whole way, maybe just the sheep dog attributes in him. It always surprises me how much endurance he has keeping up with the bikes, and as we return to the van even though he is worn out, within half an hour he is ready to go again.

It’s morning’s like these in which we feel inspired even more to live a simpler life, closer to nature with the cliché wind in your hair moments make life all the more enjoyable.



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